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At CutXYZ, you can find a way to cut any material using CNC precision. CutXYZ.com is a directory of shops that offer 2D and 3D CNC cutting and engraving services. Our mission is to connect designers to the best shop that can fulfill their cutting needs.
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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is used to CNC cut many metal and non-metals. It is best suited for thinner materials, about 0.5in thick or less. Laser cutting technology is growing rapidly, offering precision cutting to the hobbyist, DIY, designer and startups that was previously only available to industry and manufacturing. Small format laser cutters offer cost effective prototyping, and small production runs. Large format laser cutters can cut metals and thicker materials faster, and can be used for larger prototypes and production.
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Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving or Etching is a great way to add graphics and information on the surface of a material. Both Metals and Non-metals can be engraved, although the type of laser engraver to be used must be chosen based on the material to be engraved. Most non-metals, anodized aluminum, and coated metals can be engraved with a CO2 Laser, while bare metals may require a Fiber Laser or YAG laser.
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Water Jet Cutting

Waterjets can cut almost any material. They can cut very thick materials. Metal, plastic, glass, stone, and just about anything else that won't quickly absorb water. Waterjet is the only way to CNC cut materials like glass, stone, and ceramics. It also does not heat up and distort or harden the material. High Definition (HD) waterjet can cut thick materials with a square edge.
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Wire EDM

Wire EDM offers high precision CNC cutting of metals from extremely thin to very thick. Features that could not otherwise be machined, can be wire EDM cut. Hard to machine materials like carbide, inconel, tool and hardened steel, ferro-tic, hastalloy, stellite, titanium and any other hard, soft or gummy metal can easily be cut.
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CNC routing provides cost effective cutting of wood, plastics and aluminum. It's 3D cutting capabilities allow it to cut complex shapes, not limited to 2D designs and flat parts. CNC routers can have large cutting areas, sized for standard 4x8 ft or 5x10 ft sheets of material.
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CNC milling is used for precision cutting of metals and non-metals. The multi axis cutting allows very complex parts to be made. Cost is directly proportional to the complexity of the part to be cut and hardness of material. CNC milling is good for prototypes, and becomes cost effective in larger runs of parts.
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Plasma cutting is a low cost way to CNC cut conductive sheet metals. Multi axis plasma cutters use a rotary axis to cut tubing.
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CNC oxy-fuel torch cutting is used mainly for cutting very thick steel.
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